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By Gypsy Taub

I will talk about ibogaine treatments in general, about the treatments that we offer in Mexico and questions to ask an ibogaine clinic before you get a treatment. Feel free to scroll down to get to the right part (different sections are highlighted).

Here is how a standard ibogaine treatment goes:

You need to fast (at least 6 to 8 hours but best 24 hours) to reduce nausea during treatment. You can drink light juices during your fast and just water the last few hours. You need to stop drinking at least 30 minutes before your treatment. These recommendations may vary. The goal here is to reduce nausea. If you can handle a 24 hour fast on just water it will make your treatment stronger with less nausea.

In the beginning of your treatment you will be given a test dose (3mg of ibogaine per 1 kilo of your weight). The provider will test you for allergies. It is normally easy to see if you have an allergic reaction. If you start itching or if you have difficulty breathing you have an allergy and cannot do the treatment. I recommend that you do an MMS cleanse to cure your allergies and try the treatment at a later date. You can also fast (Using “The Miracle of Fasting” book by Paul Bragg, or Master Cleanse). Fasting usually cures allergies. That’s how I cured myself from severe allergies in my 20-s. I am sure there are other natural ways to cure an allergy.

You will probably feel a little strange about 45 minutes after your test dose.

After your test dose about an hour later you should be given the rest of your dose. For addition cases the standard dose is between 16 and 25 mg per kilo of your weight, most commonly between 18 and 22 mg per kilo. The first 3 mg per kilo (test dose) are subtracted from your full dose.

Within about 40 minutes to an hour or so you should be ready to go into deep trance. It feels like being flooded - that’s why it is called the “flood dose”. At that point you are likely to see vivid images and start feeling your emotions more intensely.

Iboga will only give you as much intensity as you can handle. There is no need to worry that it will make you go crazy. If anything it will prevent you from going crazy. If the journey gets too intense you will throw up and it will get lighter, at least that seems to be the common experience of my patient and myself.

Try to keep the medicine down and not throw it up. Make sure your stomach is in good shape before the treatment. It can be hard to gage how much medicine can be added safely since an overdose can result in death. A cautious provider will stay on the safe side and will only give you a little bit of medicine after you throw up, usually no more than what you just threw up if you throw it up quickly before it gets to absorbed. If you throw up later in the treatment it is much harder to gage how much got absorbed and you can only be given a little bit more medicine that adds up to no more than your maximum dose. If you were given your maximum dose in the very beginning no more medicine should be administered. Normally, an experienced provider can judge how much medicine was lost by checking your vomit, if you threw up shortly after administration.

Some providers use pharmaceuticals to reduce nausea. I personally prefer either a CBD tincture or better yet a CBD suppository. A CBD suppository has a longer lasting effect (at least 4 hours) that the tincture but most patients have inhibitions about suppositories. I usually do my best to convince patients to use a suppository.

After about 6 to 8 hours of intense dreaming you will enter the next stage. Opiate addicts usually have a difficult day 2 due to withdrawals. The use of MMS and DMSO can greatly reduce the nausea on day 2. DMSO is great because it can be administered through the skin mixed with MMS. DMSO is not advisable if a lot of pharmaceutical medication is used.

If you are not detoxing from opiates the second day is usually easy, and the third day is usually easy for everyone.

The last 2 days are very important for reflection. Plus, ibogaine provides a lot of guidance. You can literally process your whole life and come up with solutions to problems that seemed to be unsolvable.

Most people feel a lot lighter and happier by the end of the treatment, and usually much sooner. If you are still feeling a lot of dark emotions at the end of the treatment, first of all, this indicated very deep trauma. It’s a good thing you have done an ibogaine treatment because it can help you heal deeper than anything else, and because you really needed it. Emotional and physical relief will inevitably come. It might come a few days after the treatment if you have a lot of trauma to process, but whether you felt fear and darkness during your treatment, or whether you felt intense joy, the treatment is going to help you heal deeply.

The morning after the flood dose is administered you will be given electrolytes. I give my patients coconut water. It is my favorite form of electrolytes. It is most likely the most easily digestable and the most balanced and natural form of electrolytes.

You can start eating fruit the next morning although you probably won’t feel very hungry. I wouldn’t recommend eating anything but fruit the next day. On the second day you can eat more, but still eat lightly and in small portions. Wait to see how your stomach reacts before you eat more of a certain food.

After your treatment is over continue your healing process. You can read more in the “Aftercare” tab.

We offer affordable ibogaine treatments. All proceeds go to our street kids program.

I feel that most clinics charge more than needed. Due to the small number of ibogaine clinics and the high demand for the ibogaine treatments prices can be inflated.

The cost of medicine is between $100 and $300. It costs a few hundred dollars to hire a nurse or a doctor in Mexico for the whole duration of the treatment. There are usually 2 other people on the team, the ibogaine provider and an additional assistant. The tests cost no more than $100 combined. Even if the treatment is done in a hotel all the costs add up to no more than $1500 if done in a minimalistic way.

Some centers come with medical equipment so their costs are more justified.

I interviewed a very experienced ibogaine provider. He told me that nurses are actually better for ibogaine treatments than most doctors because they have more experience with emergency. It is important to hire a nurse (or doctor) who have a lot of experience with emergencies.

An ibogaine treatment does involve a team of 3 people staying on alert for 3 days and nights so it is a difficult job that requires great responsibility. That’s why I understand that these treatments can’t be too inexpensive (unless you are offering them as a form of charity).

However, I do don’t feel that $7000 per treatment is in any way justified. I personally stay away from people who are focused on their own profits. I have never experienced anything positive from greedy people regardless of how much money they charged.

Without naming names, I want to warn you all against the so-called “flow dose”. “FLow dose” is a fake flood dose.

Ibogaine is administered as a flood dose for a good reason. Flood means that after the initial small test dose all the rest of the medicine is administered at once - therefore producing an intense peak experience that is essential for a spiritual transformation.

The so-called “flow dose” is when the medicine is given over the period of a few hours. Therefore eliminating the peak experience. They claim that they do it that way because it is safer. But the truth is that most if not all their patients relapse and feel deeply unfulfilled and ripped off. Those patients are cheated out of a true ibogaine experience.

This slow way of administration is easier on the providers and less demanding of their attention. The need to monitor the patient is diminished. And those clinics would rather be lazy than work hard and give the patient a real ibogaine experience.

Furthermore, those clinics hook their patients to IV-s just in case there is a need for intervention. It seems like a great idea except that in real life it makes the treatment extremely uncomfortable and in my opinion unnecessarily traumatic. Imagine re-experiencing being raped as an infant while hooked up to a bunch of machines with needles stuck in your arms. In my opinion this is outright barbaric. Those clinics are usually run by people who have never had an ibogaine treatment themselves. Had they had their own treatments they would think twice before subjecting their patients to such inhumane treatment just because they can control their patients better that way.

What happens a lot at those facilities is that patients rip off the IV-s and run out of the treatment room. I would hate to be subjected to this kind of treatment. To me it is nothing short of torture, especially mental and emotional torture.

Is it any wonder that patients relapse after those so-called treatments? Is it any wonder that there are countless horror stories out their about people being treated like shit at ibogaine clinics? They make great professional websites. I have personally seen positive testimonies by patients who told me in person that their treatment sucked and I personally saw them relapse within days after the treatment.

I know there are providers out there who do great work and who truly care about the patients. But sadly those clinics are a minority.

Because of the illegality of the medicine in most countries there is no freedom of communication. We need to stop repressing this information and create an honest ibogaine community that is truly a community and not a snake pit.

This is not to discourage you from getting an ibogaine treatment. Because a well-administered ibo treatment is incomparably better and safer than any conventional drug treatment.

Before you get a treatment ask the following questions:

-- What type of ibogaine are you using? Tabernanthe or Vocanga based? If they are using vocanga ask them if they are using pure vocanga ibo or if they add anything? You want tabernanthe ibogaine, or vocanga based ibo with added TA (total alkaloids) or strong ceremonial quality root bark to make sure that all the original tabernanthe alkaloids are present.

-- How much medicine will be administered? A standard flood dose for addiction is between 16 and 25 mg per kilo of weight. For stronger addiction larger doses are given. Depending on your health condition your dose should be in that range, and if you are in decent health a stronger dose is better. If they tell you they will give you a smaller dose - go to a different clinic.

-- How is the dose administered? Stay away from the so-called “flow dose” and from anyone who administers in such a way. You will most likely relapse and not have a deep experience. You might as well just stay home and save the money. Only go to clinics that administer the flood dose and who give it to you in one administration about an hour after the test dose. The test dose is 3 mg per kilo of weight. The rest of your dose should be given to you about an hour later.

-- There are clinics who work with TA (total alkaloid). I have no experience with that type of treatment but definitely want to explore it. TA is administered differently. From what I understand it is administered over longer periods of time, so the above formula would not be applicable here. TA treatment are generally used for psycho-spiritual journeys rather than for addiction interruption.

-- Ask the clinic what tests you will need to take. Stay away from anybody who doesn’t insist on a recent EKG. YOu will definitely need a liver panel if you are detoxing from opiates or alcoholism that affect your liver directly. It is always best to get a liver panel just to be on the safe side.

-- Not every clinic will request an electrolyte panel. Since electrolyte imbalance affects the EKG some clinics only check the EKG (plus the liver panel). That test is not as important as the EKG and the liver panel. To be on the safe side you might want to do the electrolyte panel regardless of it being required by your clinic or not.

-- If you have a difficult case, such as an addiction to benzos, you have to stay clean from benzos for at least a month before the treatment. Stay away from anybody who offers you an ibogaine treatment without waiting 30 days. There was a recent case of death with a provider who violated that rule. Use MMS, Chinese herbs or other means to detox from benzos, and only 30 days later you will be ready to do an ibo treatment.

-- Alcoholism also requires a 30 day waiting period. Likewise stay away from people who offer you a treatment any sooner.

-- It is good to ask if the people who run the clinic have ever received ibo treatments themselves. I personally would stay away from clinics that are run by people who have never received an ibogaine treatment. It is safe to say that they have no idea what they are dealing with. It is safe to say that they are filled with fear and unwilling to grow and change. Otherwise why would they stay away from the most powerful medicine on the planet?

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