by Gypsy Taub

It is tremendously important to follow your ibogaine treatment with aftercare.

Healing is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, neither is it a 3-day event as in the case of an ibogaine treatment.

Peak experiences (such as an intense psychedelic experience, and especially an ibogaine treatment) are really important for healing and spiritual growth.

According to Lazaris, there are 2 main ways to connect with our soul. One of them is through peak experiences. The other one is through tragedy.

You decide which one you would rather utilize. If you don’t allow yourself to have peak experiences, you will eventually create tragedy in your life so you can connect with your soul because the desire to connect with your soul is essential and inherent to our beings.

An ibogaine treatment uncovers repressed emotions, memories, experiences. That’s what makes it so powerful. Our repressed memories may come in the form of events and people. They may also come in the form of emotions, energy and supernatural beings like monsters or other entities that are representations of our emotions, possibly trauma, and possibly healing experiences of the past and the present.

What stops us from healing is the fact that we suppress our thoughts and feelings, our traumatic memories. We do it partially to survive the abuse, partially because strong emotions are considered socially unacceptable, and partially because we are terrified of what we might find down there, in the basements of our minds. Society conditions us and sometimes outright forces us to repress, rather than uncover and express our true emotions.

But in order to really heal we need to open the wound again. That’s one of the things ibogaine does. It also helps us heal the wounds after it opens them. All other psychedelics do the same thing, just each in their unique way.

A good way to continue your healing process is to follow up with psychedelic sessions with less intense journeys on LSD, MDMA, psilocybin (mushrooms), peyote, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT (bufo or toad medicine).

In my opinion it is best to have an ibogaine treatment every 3 month or so until you see a lot of profound change in yourself, until you literally feel like a new person not just the day after an ibo treatment but months later.

If you cannot afford that I recommend working with ayahuasca. It is cheaper and can be done without medical supervision. Just make sure you take a big enough dose to where your ego dissolves, to where you lose control of your rational control of your thoughts and feelings. You need to be able to surrender to the journey in order to have a truly life changing experience.

Besides taking psychedelics mentioned above every week or two, I highly recommend microdosing with iboga root bark. You can read my recommendations in the “Microdosing” tab.

Besides continuous use of psychedelic medicine I recommend doing meditations and other spiritual/emotional release work.

By far the best are Lazaris recordings. They consist of lectures, guided meditations and detailed descriptions of techniques that compliment the lectures and the guided meditations.

You can find them here

And here is a
warning and a word of advice:

It is very important to know and understand that after an ibogaine treatment a deep wound is open. A very intense healing process is initiated and it is important to understand it inorder to make a smooth transition in your healing process.

Most if not all people experience deep depression a month or so after an ibogaine treatment. The best way to prevent that is to understand that this is a part of the healing process. The wound is open and is healing. Help is heal instead of recoiling and taking steps backward.

Process your anger, pain, hurt, shame and fear using Lazaris techniques.

Besides depression, you might experience what Lazaris calls “pockets of anger”. When one is on an accelerated path of healing, old unexpressed angers come up like bubbles. You might have an unexpected burst of anger. It is easy to feel like a failure, to feel embarrassed - if you don’t understand what is happening. It is important to see it for what it is - a necessary part of your healing process. Just stay on your path, practice daily meditations, use techniques to express anger constructively, release hurt, end the pain and the shame.

You will inevitably succeed and you will not be able to recognize yourself a year later if you just stick to the meditations and other recommended emotional release work, and especially if you also microdose with iboga and use other psychedelics on regular basis.

Here is a list of Lazaris tapes that I recommend for aftercare. You can find them here: (If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact me for help).

Recommended Lazaris recordings:

- On Receiving Love
- The Secrets of Manifesting What You Want - part I
- On Releasing Anger
- Ending the Pain
- Ending Shame - part I
- Healing the Child Within
- Secrets To Changing Anything In Your Life Instantly
- Ending Shame part II
- Healing the Adolescent Within
- Self Esteem
- Transforming Personal Fear Into Amazing Success
- I Deserve!
- Self Love
- Ending Guilt
- Ending Shame part III
- Busting and Building Image
- Ending Shame part IV
- Stop Feeling Not Good Enough
- Escaping the Suffocating Web of Anxiety
- Self Worth / Self Respect

There are many more wonderful recordings on their website - explore their online library.

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