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By Gypsy Taub

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of precare and aftercare in an ibogaine treatment.

Precare prepares the patient for the treatment. There is physical preparation where the body is prepared and there is also mental/emotional/spiritual preparation.

Physical preparation:

If you are doing a treatment to detox from a drug addiction this stage is especially important.

Ibogaine is a naturally occuring substance. Along with other alkaloids it is the best medicine in the world when it comes to healing addiction. Iboga is used by indigenous people in ceremonies in Gabon. It is a healing herb in every sense of the word.

However, when your body is weakened by years of drug use and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, it is harder for it to endure an ibogaine treatment. Just as it would be hard and even potentially lethal for an unhealthy person to go for a run (that is easy for a healthy person to endure), so is an ibogaine treatment can be dangerous and in some cases lethal for an unhealthy person. I would like to emphasize that it is not the ibogaine itself that poses a threat but the malfunctions of an unhealthy body. Ibogaine is not a poison. Neither is it by any means dangerous nor difficult for a healthy person to handle. But since drug use makes your body many times more likely to die from any cause, and since an unhealthy heart makes many otherwise normal activities dangerous, an unhealthy person with the above health issues is not a safe candidate for an ibo treatment.

Even if you have a good EKG and pass all the tests required for an ibo treatment any drug detox is potentially dangerous due to withdrawal. The main concern during an ibogaine treatment are the withdrawal symptoms that without ibogaine would have often caused death.

That’s why a nurse or a doctor experienced in emergency care need to be present especially during an opiate detox, in order to address any situations that may arise during treatment. If all procedures are followed diligently an ibogaine detox can be performed safely. The risk of death in those cases is close to zero. The risk of not doing the treatment (death from overdose or an empty miserable life) or the risk of doing a conventional drug treatment (that kills about 100,000 people per year in the US alone) is immeasurably greater than the risk of a properly conducted ibogaine treatment. The pharmaceutical companies and the drug lords of this world are so threatened by the ease, the low cost and the incredible success of the ibogaine treatments, that major efforts are being made to discredit and even demonize ibogaine by the above entities.

Heroin drug lords who often run not only the mafia but often times entire governments (as in the case of the US) and pharmaceutical companies that surpass any other industry in their profit margins (who also often times have tremendous political power) are terrified of ibogaine that is putting them all out of business at an accelerated rate. The heroin industry is losing its clientelle. The hospitals are losing their profits from desperate drug addicts who are more and more likely to do an ibogaine treatment and truly get well than get on methadone and get worse. Between the methadone clinics, hospitals and heroin drug lords billions of dollars are at stake. Ibogaine is their enemy number one. Ibogaine came under attack all over the world and one country after another banned it. The only reason for this is its threat to the Nazi elite that is still running our governments and our lives to a great extent.

If you are doing an ibo treatment for the purpose of spiritual growth or healing other than a drug detox (so-called psycho-spiritual treatment), and if you are healthy and pass all the tests required for an ibo treatment, the process is very easy. It is the matter of taking the capsules and lying down in bed for the night. The only discomfort is the possible nausea that can even be prevented in most cases of healthy people. The next 2 days are nice days of rest and reflection rather than difficult days of detoxing in case of an addiction interruption case.

In order to be able to receive an ibogaine treatment safely one has to have a good EKG, no arrhythmia and no prolonged QT-s. The liver panel needs to be good and it is also best to have al electrolyte panel done. Those are the tests that are done before an ibogaine treatment.

If you pass those tests you would still greatly benefit by preparing your body for a treatment simply by making it healthier.

The 2 organs that are the most impacted by an ibo treatment are the heart and the liver.

Ibogaine creates a little bit of an arrhythmia in the heart. If the patient already has arrhythmia it will be increased by the ibogaine and can cause death - so don’t try this at home, or even in a clinic for that matter.

Ibogaine prolongs QT intervals. So it you already have prolonged QTs it will make them even more prolonged and can cause death - once again, don’t try this at home.

That’s why it is essential to have a healthy heart for this treatment.

If your EKG is not perfect, if you have prolonged QTs or arrhythmia you cannot do an ibogaine treatment. But do not despair. I have great news for you.

There is a Chinese herb called Dan Shen that it so amazing for the heart that it makes 95% of heart surgeries unnecessary. It cures arrhythmia and many other heart problems. I recommend ordering organic Dan Shen powder grown in the US from a reputable herb store.

Dosage - from:

As a tea (infusion): Add 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of the dried herb to one cup of boiling water, steep for 15 mins and then strain. For therapeutic reasons 1 cup, three times daily is often recommended. The tea can also be used as a gargle and mouthwash as required.

As a tincture: 30-60 drops, in water or juice three times daily.

As a fluid extract: 15-30 drops, in water or juice three times daily.

You can take Dan Shen for a month or two and do another EKG. Once your EKG becomes normal you will be able to do an ibo treatment.

Do not take it if you are pregnant of if you are on medication. Medication often destroys your health and causes your body to function abnormally, therefore sometimes making it unsafe to take natural herbs. I recommend slowly getting off of your medications and using herbs instead. Consult your doctor, and better yet, consult a Chinese herbologist because your regular doctor is most likely completely ignorant and has no knowledge of herbs, and also a conventional doctor is not allowed to tell to take herbs even if they honestly believed in them. I personally would consult a Chinese herbologist.

Ibogaine metabolizes in the liver. That’s why it is very important to have a healthy liver for this treatment.

There are many herbs out there that help the liver. I am not an expert on all herbs. My favorite herb for the liver if Goji berries. You can get organic goji berries (they are cheaper in a Chinese herbal store). Eat a tablespoon every day. Goji berries are considered on of the best super foods on the planet and possess a huge list of health benefits.

Alove all, I highly recommend an MMS cleanse. MMS is amazing at cleaning and strengthening all your organs. It is the most universal and the most magical medicine that I have ever found that literally works for almost anything. I recommend doing an MMS cleanse for at least 4 weeks before the ibogaine treatment:

By the way, you can quit any drug with MMS alone. And I highly recommend that you do quit the drugs with MMS before your ibo treatment.

MMS can heal your addiction on the physical level but it will not address the root of the problem - childhood trauma. That’s why I recommend doing as much as you can with just MMS, and then doing an ibogaine treatment. Your chances of having any complications arise during your ibo treatment are greatly reduced if not eliminated all-together once you have done your MMS cleanse.

I also recommend switching to a healthier diet. Eat as much of your food raw as you can. Raw food diet that includes animal products (milk, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, butter) cures nearly every possible disease and can strengthen your body tremendously.

I also recommend doing some exercise if you are not already. It will help your heart during and after the treatment.

Emotional / spiritual preparation:

It is very important to prepare emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It is important to really desire the treatment. It is important to address the fears around the treatment but it is also important to focus on how much better you are going to feel and how great your life will be after the treatment.

DO some journal writing about your life after treatment. Imagine and write down your imaginings in great detail about how you will feel differently and how your life will be different after the treatment. Don’t expect perfection but do let yourself feel the enthusiasm and the hope of your post treatment life changes.

I recommend a series of meditations, mostly by Lazaris as well as some unguided meditations.

You can find Lazaris recordings with meditations here

I recommend that you work with the following recordings (they all come with meditations):

- On Receiving Love
- The Secrets of Manifesting What You Want - part I
- Transforming Personal Fear Into Amazing Success
- Ending the Pain
- Secrets of Changing Anything in Your Life Instantly

Look through the list of Lazaris recordings in their website and work with any additional ones that appeal to you.

I also recommend doing an unguided meditation where you visualize the spirit of Iboga as well as your Higher Self (in a personified form) and your counselors (we all have at least one female and one male counselor) and unseen friends (spirit guides and other non-physical entities who love you and care about you). Visualize being in the center of the circle being surrounded by the above beings. Thank them for coming to you. Thank the spirit of Iboga for coming into your life, ask it for healing, ask it to reveal repressed memories to you, ask it to show you everything you need to see in order to heal. This meditation can last 20 minutes and it can last hours.

I did this type of a meditation for a few hours right before my first flood dose and the results that I got were mind blowing. None of my consecutive treatments went as deep as that first one did. I have been realizing lately that the meditation that I did with my counselors, Iboga, Higher Self ect played a huge role in the depth of the healing that happened during that treatment.

After seeing images of being abused as a young child by 3 men my soul ventured into other areas. After I processed some of my trauma and got in touch with my mother’s spirit (my mother had died a few years prior), I went to a very blissful place. It felt like I was cradled in the arms of the Goddess for a timeless amount of time (it felt like hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes had passed). I received so much love, it healed me so profoundly. It was by far the most healing experience of my life.

To the contrary, when the patient is resistant to the treatment, when the patient is afraid and especially when the patient is filled with self pity (“ Poor me, why do I have to do this? Why me?”) the treatment either gets sabotaged, or else the patient throws it all up, or else it simply doesn’t go very deep. Iboga has a very powerful consciousness of its own and will never force itself on you, neither will it come to you if it is not sincerely welcome.

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