How and Why to Microdose with Iboga:

by Gypsy Taub

I never cease to be amazed by the profoundly powerful and transformative results of microdosing with iboga root bark.

Many of us have heard about the ibogaine treatment, otherwise called the “flood dose” of ibogaine.

The flood dose is administered in the amounts of 15 to 25 mg per kilo of weight of the patient. The best medicine I have ever had that came from South Africa and that was also used by many other providers contained 90% of ibogaine and 10% of other alcaloids (I tested it in a lab). Other alcaloids are extremely important and their absence (as in Vocanga based ibogaine that is claimed to be 99% pure ibogaine) makes the experience a lot more shallow and less multi-dimensional.

The only reason iboga root bark is purified at all for the flood dose is because other alcaloids tend to cause a lot of nausea and in high amounts simply make you throw up the medicine and then your treatment is over.

There are practitioners out there who use TA (total alkaloid extract that contains about 30% ibogaine) and then there are other who use root bark in its entirety.

I am not an expert on traditional Gabonese healing ceremonies so I will only say that I have been told that TA (total alkaloid) is used in Gabon. There may be variations that I am not aware of, but the bottom line is that other non-ibogaine alcaloids are very important for spiritual, emotional as well as physical healing.

I have taken flood doses of different types of ibogaine and will tell you that the very best medicine was about 90% ibogaine and 10% other alcaloids.

And now to get back to the subject of microdosing with iboga root bark.

Microdosing is way cheaper and safer than taking a flood dose. Iboga root bark contains only about 3% of ibogaine, and a microdose is about 30 times weaker than a flood dose, although that would vary depending on how high of a dose is the flood dose and exactly how much of amicrodose you take. It also varies depending on the quality of root bark of the microdose as well as, of course, on the quality of the root bark used to make the ibogaine extract. The level of purification of ibogaine will also play a role.

But just to give you a general idea, I would say that a microdose is about 30 times weaker than a flood dose so you don’t need to feel too nervous about taking it.

There are many people out there recommending different ways of microdosing.

I will share with you what I found to be profoundly successful for me and my patients.

Make sure it is ground as finely as possible and keep it refrigerated wrapped in a few plastic bags or in a zip lock bag if available.

I would start with about 300mg of iboga root bark in a vegi caplsule or you can take it without (it tastes very bitter).

Take it first thing in the morning with a full glass of water or coconut water. Make sure to take brown seaweed extract modifilan with it (take 6 capsules (or 3g) which is the recommended daily dose of modifilan).

The seaweed extract will replenish the calcium, magnesium and other minerals that get used up by the root bark as it is repairing your brain cells, your nervous system and other organs and tissues. If you don’t supplement with minerals and trace minerals your teeth will start becoming transparent and will start breaking into layers. That’s what happened to me after 2 and a half months of daily microdising. I didn’t know about supplementation and how important it was and found out the hard way. Considering that I was on a very healthy diet for decades other people would have probably suffered the consequences much sooner than I did.

I stopped microdosing and started taking 6 capsules (3g) of modifilan per day, and within about a month or two my teeth were strong again. So that’s my 2 cents about supplementing with modifilan or some other way preferably with seaweed extract.

Now, there are 2 reasons why I recommend taking microdoses as soon as you wake up.

First of all, when you microdose you are unable to sleep for a number of hours, so if you take it later in the day you won’t be able to fall asleep at night. I would say give yourself 10 to 12 hours from the time you take your microdose till the time you go to bed to make sure that you are able to fall asleep without any difficulty.

The second reason to take it as soon as you wake up is that you should not eat for at least 3 to 4 hours, otherwise the effect will be greatly diminished if not anihilated completely.

So start with about 300mg and increase the dose the next day until you get to a point where you become emotionally sensitive, where it makes you really feel your emotions. You don’t need to be tripping your balls off to get the desired effects, but you do need to feel your emotions quite strongly. Slight visuals like light streaks of light are a good indication that you have taken enough.

You can take up to a gram or two or even more if you need more to feel your emotions. That amount will depend on your weight, your sensitivity and the strength of the root bark. That’s why there is no “one size fits all.”

Don’t be afraid to take even 2 or 3 grams as long as you are also taking modifilan. I can’t vouch for any other supplements because I think most of them couldn’t hold a candle to modifilan (most of other ones are incomplete or/and too weak).

If your root bark was harvested a while ago (like months ago or a year or longer) and if it was ground up and kept outside of the fridge (the mistake I made) it can become quite a bit weaker, mine literally seems to have lost a good 40 to 50% of its potency. So you will need to take more if that’s the case.

Once you take the microdose (once you establish your dosage that will allow you to feel your emotions intensely) it usually takes anywhere from an hour to about 3 hours for the effects to start.

The time of onset depends on the quality, age and type of root bark but it also depends on how finely it was ground up. The more fine the powder the faster you will feel the effects.

When you first start feeling it you are most likely to get in touch with your dark emotions such as fear, hurt, dread, possibly despair. It won’t be overwhelming like it can be with a good dose of mushrooms or LSD and you will be in control the whole time.

At that point I highly recommend that you let yourself feel and process those emotions. It’s best to get alone, lie down or at least sit down for those 2 to 3 hours and just let yourself feel what comes up. Don’t run from it, don’t try to change it. When you genuinely feel your pain it is automatically healed (at least partially). Just letting yourself be yourself and feeling your true emotions is all you need to do to get healing. Iboga helps us shed the daily conditioning of running away from ourselves and our true feelings, it helps us focus and really spend time with ourselves instead of getting distracted by shallow thoughts and outside events.

After you spend about 2 to 3 hours processing you will normally start feeling lighter, somehow the darkness becomes less dark, even though it is not clear how. In this process you will typically get guidance, a lot of thoughts, feelings, revelations and helpful insights that will show you how your life can be completely different and how happy you can be. It will often validate your feelings to you, it will often become clear to you why you felt angry, hurt, etc and you will see that you had every right and every reason to feel the way you felt. It will also make you aware of the other people’s feelings. Often times it will become clear why someone acted a certain way. It will help you forgive them, a lot of times instantly. As darkness gives way to light you will feel more and more joyous, enthusiastic about the future, and towards the end of the day you often times end up feeling bliss, euphoria, a very conscious euphoria that will stem from the very depth of your mind and soul.

It is very common for people who are microdosing together as a family or a group of friends to spend the first of the day separately, each on their own journeys, and then to come together at the end of the day and to have very enjoyable conversations together that are quite a bit more meaningful and intimate than usual.

There are people who are in such deep pain that they don’t experience the “happy ending” at the end of every day. It can take a few days of continuous microdosing to get to that happy and peaceful state. And it may not be quite as joyous for those people. Usually the cycle will repeat. It will eventually take less time to complete and take you into the light. Know however, that the whole time you are still healing in profound ways. Whether you feel the results strongly in a short period of time or not know that the day will come when your journey will accelerate and you will be able to get quantum leaps in your growth and healing.

I have been told that a few weeks or a couple months of daily microdosing with iboga root bark can have the same results as a flood dose of ibogaine. I can honestly say that I agree with that statement based on my own experiences and on the experiences of my patients who had had severe infant and childhood trauma.

I personally recommend microdosing daily for 6 to 8 weeks and then taking a break for about 6 to 8 weeks. You can repeat this cycle a few times. During your break keep microdosing once or twice per week.

Daily microdosing allows you to keep the flow of healing going uninterrupted. It makes it harder to get trapped in daily negativity and forget about microdosoing.

Just as it is easier to go for a run every day than it is to go for a run once a week – so is it easier to stay connected to who you truly are if you reconnect daily rather than allowing yourself to get bombarded by the harsh and numbing environment that so many of us find ourselves in.

I find the uninterrupted 6 to 8 week healing “retreats” with daily microdosing the most therapeutic.

If you are unable to microdose every day because of work do your best to find time in between work and at the very least microdose every day you have off.

Better yet, take a smaller dose when you go to work. In most cases you can work and function just fine on a small microdose (like 300mg or 500mg). If you perform heart surgeries or operate dangerous equipment then, clearly, you are best off doing it sober, although a small amount can still be possible and might actually help you concentrate better and do a better job because you are going to be more in touch with your emotions and more at peace.

Once you have completed one or a few of those 6 to 8 weeks long dailiy microdosing retreats I recommend microdosing at least once or twice a week for the rest of your life or at least until you become healed to the point where you wake up every morning feeling joy and go to bed feeling joy.

Happiness is a natural state of being. Other emotions are also a part of life but the truest you is the joyous you, and if you don’t feel that joy multiple times a day it means that you still have unhealed trauma that needs to be addressed before it eats you alive.

o should you microdose and how often?

If you get on a path of intense healing you can be free much sooner.

You do the math. You can go through an intense healing process for 8 weeks a few times and within a year you can make tremendous progress. Your entire life will be unrecognizable, it will be so much better. You will feel so much more free and so much more enthusiastic about life. Your relationships with people will become deeper, more fulfilling, more joyous. You will be laughing many times throughout the day. You will be able to relax, rest and sleep well. Your health will improve and so will your work because it will be that much easier to love yourself and to enjoy becoming healthy and staying healthy as well as to work more productively with more passion and joy.

You can choose a different path and microdose once a week or once a month. You can potentially achieve the same results, it will just take you 30 or maybe 50 years to achieve them. Remember that uninterrupted microdosing (meaning done daily) has an accumulative effect that occasional microdosing doesn’t even begin to approach.

So you do the math and you decide.

How many more years of your life do you want to waste on dread and misery, on broken relationships, unsatisfying work and deteriorating health?

A year or 50 years? Or 60? Or the rest of your life?

Would you like to take a running start and jump into healing? Or do you prefer a snail crawl?

The results will reflect the choice that you make today. Choose wisely!

In conclusion, I would like to recap:

Wake up and take your microdose on an empty stomach with a glass of water or a glass of coconut water (better than water). Then don’t eat for at least 3 to 4 hours – or longer is better.

Take 6 capsules (or about half a teaspoon) of modifilan with the iboga root bark.

Take about 300mg of iboga the first time (300mg is about the size of one big capsule, size AA) and slowly increase the dose until you are able to feel your emotions intensely. You might take 1g (equivalent of 3 big size AA capsules) or 2g or even more, and later you can decrease the dose when your sensitivity gets higher.

The effects will begin in an hour and up to 3 hours.

Let yourself feel your emotions, silence is best, the less distractions the better. Music makes it harder for you to get inner guidance, let the first half of the day be as silent as possible until you start coming out of the “difficult” or “dark” stage. At that point music and meaningful conversations are welcome.

Repeat the next day for 6 to 8 weeks, then take a break for 6 to 8 weeks.

While you take a break contunue to microdose once or twice per week.

If you have to work take a reduced dose on the days you work. A small dose is barely noticeable, you just feel more peaceful and happy when you take a small dose – that’s the most common report I hear from people. There are usually no typical psychedelic effects from a small dose.

When I say small I mean one AA size capsule, or about 300mg.

I would like to add a recent observation. I recently realized that when we take iboga root bark and modifilan at the same time the effect of iboga is noticeably diminished as it is with food. So if your supply of iboga root bark is limited it will help you use it more sparingly if you take it inthe morning and take modifilan in the evening or whenever you eat later that day.

However, if you are likely to forget taking the modifilan later you are better off taking it at the same time as the iboga root bark and just taking more iboga to make sure that you can feel your emotions strongly.

Happy microdosing!

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